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Which Desert Safari Is Better, Dubai Or Abu Dhabi?

People love to pack their bags to visit UAE. It has top-notch cities that are the center of attention of thousands of tourists nowadays. People become excited when they finalize their trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Some visit UAE to spend their holidays while others visit it for business purposes.

It is very tough to decide which place one should visit first during a short trip. So the common question that people often ask is which desert safari should they visit during a shortage of time, Dubai or Abu Dhabi? If you have the same question, you are reached at the perfect blog.

We know that the desert safaris of Abu Dhabi and Dubai undoubtedly make everyone excited. UAE is now considered the top spot among other spots of travel in the world. It provides you with a combination of a modern lifestyle and the attractive Arabic traditional culture.

If you visit the tourist spots often, then you may know that Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the core destinations of tourists in the UAE. If you want a less expensive tour, then it is the tour to Abu Dhabi. They offer you safari tours that are unusual.

Following are the main features that the Abu Dhabi desert safari provides you.

  • It offers you multiple adventures in the desert with packages that are budget-friendly.
  • You will get extraordinary guide support in the desert.
  • The timing of desert safaris is convenient.
  • Services are of top quality.

Service Quality Of Tours

If you want an opinion, then the tours of Abu Dhabi are more extravagant as compared to Dubai tours. These tours are sophisticated. Moreover, the overall enjoyment, including entertainment and drinks, and food of Abu Dhabi is superior as compared to Dubai.

You will get professional offerings in the Abu Dhabi desert safari. A driver will pick you from your residential area and drop you back there. They offer you 4*4 services that are undoubtedly luxury. In Dubai, the tours offer you to travel in huge buses when you try to manage your budget.

They may not provide you with door-to-door pick and drop-off. Sometimes they provide you with information about the predefined station, and you have to get there on time.

Budget-Friendly Packages

Any experience will be pleasant for you if you are excited about it. Abu Dhabi packages usually match the budget of people. They are less expensive. That is the best thing about the tours of Abu Dhabi. Tours of this city provide holiday packages to customers.

Moreover, taking cheap packages does not mean you have to compromise on the quality of tours. You will still get the best services from the tours in Abu Dhabi.

Multiple Sports Of Adventures In Desert

If you are an adventure seeker and you want more severe adventures in the area of UAE, we recommend you to go to Abu Dhabi. Here, you will get awesome adventures. 

Tourists report that they got the best quality of quad motorcycles, sandboarding, and dune buggies in Abu Dhabi as compared to Dubai. Here, the staff follows all the necessary safety standards. You can say that Abu Dhabi’s dune bashing is just ablaze.

The reason is, its dunes are high. You can experience the activity of sandboarding in Abu Dhabi for more time than one hour. Moreover, the desert safaris of Abu Dhabi got more ratings as compared to Dubai. 

Guide Support Is Extraordinary

Guides of tours are friendly. They know different languages. You will not face any issue regarding pick up. They pick you at the time from your hotel and take you to the most attractive desert safari. Moreover, they know all the security standards.

Guides will take all the precautions before going to the desert safari. You will feel comfortable with the driver during your travel to desert safari.

Convenient Time

You can visit desert safaris in Dubai at different times of the day. Tours offer you morning desert safaris with activities like quad biking, dune bashing, and sandboarding. They offer you an air balloon ride with a delicious breakfast. Moreover, you will enjoy the evening desert safari.

It offers you certain actives in Dubai, including henna portray and taking naps under the stars. You can order a buffet dinner too or a BBQ to enjoy with your friends or family. There are many top Arabic dishes available in evening desert safari Dubai.

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