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Twenty activities to visit japan that all visitors to Japan should partake in

Wherever you go in Japan, you will always be met by stunning landscapes, the result of the country’s vast natural resources. Happily visit Japan and enjoy your vacation.

Mount Fuji

By reserving a stay in one of the neighbouring “Fuji-facing” establishments in either the Hakone areas or Fuji Five Lakes, you will maximise your likelihood of witnessing Fuji-splendor.

Shibuya is a Tokyo neighbourhood

If you only have one day to spend in Tokyo, you must explore this region, which is larger than life and offers an unlimited supply of delicacies.

Blossoming cherries

During the cherry blossom season, which runs from the end of March to the beginning of April in Kyoto, grab a “bento” (packed dinner), avoid weekends, and stake your claim to a tree along with the Kamogawa riverbanks or at Maruyama Park before enjoying a picnic-style meal.

The Kenroku-en Garden

It is the most famous and accessible of Japan’s top three gardens. It is situated on a mountaintop and overlooks Kanazawa’s lovely castle town.

The Central region of Gion

The Gion district in central Kyoto is the city’s most famous hanamachi (flower village), and it is here that you have the highest chance in all of Japan of meeting a graceful Geisha or Geiko.

Shinkansen with bidirectional travel

Shinkansen (bullet train) rides never seem to be long enough, but a trip from the Shinkansen’s northernmost station in Shin-Hakodate, Hokkaido, to the Shinkansen’s southern terminal in Kagoshima, Kyushu, would satisfy that craving.

Art of the Seto Islands

A laid-back island consist of awe-inspiring works and futuristic constructions dancing against natural backgrounds of rocky cliffs, vegetation, and beaches.

Snow Monkeys

The image of native Japanese macaque monkeys enjoying themselves in hot springs is the most enticing type of tourism promotion that Nagano could hope to receive.


Evenings in the vicinity of the Ebisu Bridge are filled with blaring neon signs, opposing car horns, loudspeakers, and sushi, 3D Gulliver-sized mechanical crabs, and gyoza advertisements.

Bamboo Forest

Alluring The village of Arashiyama, located at the base of Kyoto’s western mountains, was originally a summer retreat for Japan’s affluent.

Nara Park

It is home to approximately 1200 sacred deer grazing free, a 15-meter-tall bronze Buddha, museums, restaurants, and the 1,000-year-old holy Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

Lake Biwa

The well-known body of water in the Shiga prefecture, provides relief from the extreme summer temperatures in the neighbouring Kyoto prefecture, and in the winter.

Snow sculptures sculpted in Hokkaido.

Sapporo’s snow and ice sculptures, are the perfect representation of the Zen philosophy of putting all of one’s effort into something that promises only temporary advantages.

Ramen lanes

Restaurant strips with a singular specialisation, generally specialising in scrumptious regional noodle “bowls,” are typically located around railway stations or universities.


Within one hour of leaving Tokyo by rail, you can be looking into the jaw-dropping eyes, er, kneecaps, of Kotoin temple’s Daibutsu.


Be quick! Despite huge maintenance efforts, just around 100 of the approximately 5,000 fortifications built across Japan during the times of feudalism remain standing.

Seafood markets

Auctions of tuna and sushi are two of the most popular attractions at Tokyo’s innovative new Toyosu market. The village’s smaller regional markets offer opportunity to try the freshest fish in a pleasantly rustic ambiance.

Ancient pottery villages

Some of Japan’s most renowned woodfired kiln-centric communities were constructed 12,000 years ago. A visit to one of the numerous ceramic and porcelain villages that are still in existence could offer a glimpse of the distinctive styles produced in each region.

Parks for harmony

The grim realities of war are vividly illustrated through memorials that are both incredibly beautiful and thought-provoking, and they are unshakable in their desire for peace.

When you go on a journey to discover this incredible country, you will find that it is home to an overwhelming number of breathtaking, visit-worthy locations, the diversity of which will astound you.