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Gay Couples: Here’s How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Perhaps you and your guy have been dating for some time, and you have run out of new things to try in the bedroom. You may have thought that sex toys are mostly for heterosexual couples, but in fact, they are for anyone male or female, and of any sexual orientation. Let’s chat about how sex toys can help to spice things up in the bedroom.

How Sex Toys Can Spice Up Gay Sex

Sex toys have been proven in history to spice up sex lives in general, not only for gay couples. They help to add some excitement, new adventures, and fun to the bedroom. While you discuss what sex toys to buy and what works for you sexually, you will notice a closer emotional connection between the two of you rising, bringing back the intimacy and spice between you.

Top Sex Toy Recommendations for Gay Couples

We put together a list of the top sex toy recommendations for gay couples at the online Cirilla’s sex stores right now. Let’s take a quick look:


  • Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager. This is a large one for deeper sensations, with two powerful motors, and 18 different vibrations and 4 speeds. You can choose a more subtle or an intense vibration. They are so discreet you can even wear them out to kink up dinner a bit, turn up the heat for your partner using the remote.

  • Anal Education Set: Master’s Degree Edition. This incredible education kit includes: Snug Plug 6 Butt Plug, Measured Hollow Cone, Nitrile Gloves, Remote Controlled Rimming XL Plug, Large Graduated Anal Beads, Deep Wash Enema, Signature Lubricant Applicator, mASSter’s Collection Guide, Travel/Storage Bag and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • X-10 Beads. These jelly beads are great for all anal players, whether beginner or experienced, and don’t underestimate them, the beads start small and then gradually get larger, they will take you right to ecstasy.

  • Honey Buns Warming Anal Arousal Gel. This warming gel has to be added to the mix! It will provide you with enhanced anal arousal, and it is flavored for oral anal play.

  • Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant. With any sexual play, lube should be included. It helps to prevent injury by creating enough moisture, which is also stimulating.

Head on over to online Cirilla’s sex stores now and make your selection of naughty items for your next sexy time together. Enjoy the new spice to the fullest! Don’t forget to add that lube to the cart too!

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