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How to create a deepfake with the help of a neural network? 

The trend for creating deepfake photos is growing rapidly! Apps like Nudify are already exploiting the deepfake concept in a big way. As always, with new technologies, the entertainment industry is the primary motivator, but they are quickly being introduced into various segments.

Basics of the deepfake technology

Deepfakes are based on generative adversarial neural networks. These machine learning-based algorithms can generate new content from a given set. Neural networks are one of the most important parts of artificial intelligence and serve as the basis for its development. They learn from various data and, over time, can identify patterns and process information independently. An example of their interaction is deep nude technology. Neural networks are trained on many photographs and find standard features that can be used to identify a specific person in the image.

Nudify as a main tool for undress photo generating

The Nudify is a new service for “undressing” people from photographs. The program works based on a neural network, which is constantly being improved independently and refined by its creators. Therefore, the results of photo processing are getting better and better every month. The application is a real gift for every guy who dreams of undressing a girl he knows, a singer, an actress, or another star from a photo. Based on thousands of processed images, artificial intelligence has learned to reproduce various intimate body parts accurately. DeepNude works best with summer and beach photos.

The guide for using the service

According to https://blog.nudify.online/ source, there is a guide on how to use the service: 

  • download and install the application on your smartphone; 
  • launch the program and read the introductory tips; 
  • upload a photo or several photos from the gallery; 
  • click the processing button and wait for the result. 

The creators of Nudify recommend using photographs of people in swimsuits or simply with a minimum amount of clothing – this will help the neural network analyze the photo better and generate an incredible result.