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VAT Services in Dubai – All You Need to Know

Taxable businesses in the UAE have come under fire regarding the newly-imposed Value Added Tax (VAT) due to its cumbersome requirements and often confusing rules. In order for such companies to comply and avoid fines, they will need the help of professionals who can assist them with VAT compliance services and ensure that each additional step of their supply chain is duly documented so as not to incur a fine by mistake.

As a taxable business in Dubai, it is your responsibility to ensure that each step along the way is correctly reported, especially when it comes to transactions with customers – even if they are other taxable bodies. In order for you to fulfill this obligation, you may wish to take advantage of VAT compliance services, where specialists will guide you through everything until it becomes second nature. Such experts can also handle any disputes on your behalf; therefore, making life easier for you! So, you should consider hiring VAT services to smoothly run your business in the Dubai.

VAT Registration in the UAE

If a business wants to have its customers avoid paying extra taxes on purchases, it must register for value-added tax (VAT) if the taxable goods and services (such as selling goods or services) reach AED 375,000 or more in sales. If a business meets this threshold, it may choose to register for VAT voluntarily if its total taxable goods and products or taxable expenses are valued at AED 187,500. Keep in mind that having a team of experts on your side can help you get TRN on time without any complications. Therefore, if you are a businessman, you should get VAT Services in Dubai.

VAT Invoicing

After registering for VAT, businesses must hold a tax invoice. The tax invoice must follow the format issued by FTA and include the business’s account number. If the tax invoice does not have this information then customers should withhold paying VAT on the purchase and contact their supplier directly.

VAT is calculated based on the values added during the production process. When starting a business in the UAE most businesses get surprised to learn about this concept and how tax is applied to their product sales. They have no choice but to comply with their tax guidelines when issuing their invoices. This helps them learn how to put together an invoice that meets their qualifications and will be applicable whenever they make a sale. So, you can understand how crucial getting these VIP services in Dubai is.

Filing VAT Return

VAT return filing is required by any business which operates in the UAE and has become taxable. Any business conducting its business on a taxable basis is required to file its VAT Return within 28 days of the end of its month/quarter (for VAT period ending March it expiry is 15 May, before that period). Any business that fails to comply will be subjected to fines from FTA which audits companies and collects tax owned.

Get in Touch

If your business meticulously abides by the government’s rules and regulations, you won’t have to worry! Nonetheless, if you need top-notch VAT Services in the UAE, please feel free to get in touch with House of Business City. Visit the agency’s website here: https://hbcs-uae.net/

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