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The Silver Lining of the Pandemic for the Caravan Industry

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The devastating impact of COVID is beyond words for many. The virus’s immediate clinical repercussions, as well as its rippling effects on our collective mental health and economy are immeasurable. However, if we ignore the lessons we’ve learned, we risk exacerbating the disaster. Now we must look to the silver lining and how tragedy may occasionally help spark long-term reform. 

Traveling allows you to explore new places and replenish your batteries away from home. When you travel with your family or friends, you have the opportunity to develop relationships and make new memories with your loved ones. Nowadays, family caravanning has become an outstanding option to get away and enjoy a memorable holiday out in nature. A completely customised family caravan is an inspired alternative for the spontaneous and adventurous.

As South Australians continue to swap international holiday plans for self-contained road excursions, the boom in caravan and camper trailer purchases continues. Over the next two to three years, there will be a massive increase in the number of caravans and trailers moving to regional areas as lovers of the outdoors want the option of travelling on a whim. If you’re searching for something outside of the typical activities at home, kindly contact Lyfe RV who are ready to find you the best deal in on and off-road caravans.

Typically, families and individuals are the ones behind the increase in caravan purchases. This is because more people are opting for road trips after the federal government announced a delay in quarantine-free foreign travel. Since COVID, a whole slew of other niche markets have emerged and are highlighted by popular Instagram influencers who rent small vans, install beds inside, and post their daily adventures online to promote this emerging style of holidaying. 

Those who would normally spend their money abroad are now turning to the reliability and mobility of caravans. A caravan is a roomy and effective way to experience the beauties of the Australian outback whilst enjoying the comforts of a private indoor area. Whether you opt to modify or buy an equipped caravan, Lyfe RV is a renowned industry leader ready to assist your next trip.

The goal of an off-road caravan is to withstand the most challenging roads and harshest conditions that the outback has to offer. An off-road caravan has a sturdy frame with solid connections for further access to meaningful travel. Lyfe RV are eager to fulfil your caravan needs. Their expertise can help guide families looking for a memorable holiday as well as the seasoned explorers who yearn to explore off-road.

You will be well-guided with steps to making an informed purchase at Lyfe RV. The staff are friendly, insightful and also offer a wealth of experience to ensure your questions are answered before your big getaway.