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Diamond painting is a modern art that influenced the world in a very short span and became famous as one of the best art of that period. Have a look at Diamond Painting Wereld

Diamond painting is a form of painting artist paint with sticking resins that glows like diamonds on a canvas. The artist has to stick the diamond on the canvas. All of them look marvelous and gleam like original diamonds.

It is easy to start and doesn’t require experience. Contrary to other crafts it doesn’t need much effort or time to learn you can learn it on the first try. That makes this art seem better than any other art which makes everyone become stressed instead of relieving stress.

The lack of knowledge about this art is the major setback to its popularity. A crafter can get a diamond painting kit that comes with a canvas that has a guide to instruct the crafter where to stick certain diamonds.

The procedure appears to be more daunting and seems to be something that needs a lot of research for the process. But instead, it’s easier if you understand and you will have fun once you learn all about it.

Faq about diamond arts:

  • How do diamonds shine?

The material of a diamond is resin. And shine because of the facets cut into their sides.

  • The correct size of canvas for the art?

Larger needs a more detailed look. If you are a beginner it’s easy to start with small and gradually move to large.

  • 3D vs 5D diamonds.

The larger number of facets, the brighter it will be.

  • Diamond painting kit contents?

Canvas in preferred size, resin diamonds, plastic tray, pen tool, wax.

  • Square or round drills?

Both perform well, if a beginner, you can use round drills as it is easier to use.

  • How to use glue or wax?

It’s easier to peel off the cover and dip the pen tool in wax or glue.

  • After finishing art?

Frame and hang it!


The average kit includes Canvas, the diamond, the tray, diamond, the applicator pen, and wax.

The kit comes in many different standards. Buy an authentic one to have a good experience.

Painting with diamonds:

  • Prepare the space to paint,
  • Arrange the kit,
  • Starting painting work,
  • The next step is to uncover the canvas,
  • Pick up the diamonds,
  • Apply diamonds according to the color code chart,
  • Lastly, frame painting.

Health Benefits:

  • Increased concentration,
  • Reduced anxiety,
  • Improvisation of motor skills,
  • Increased learning.

Organization idea:

  • Use shaped labels for drills,
  • Use the old box or multipurpose organizer to store supplies,
  • Create art with beads,
  • Store the painting separately,


  • Find a kit that fits you.
  • A laptop stand can be used to work on canvas.
  • Paint from the top keeping the canvas flattened.
  • Don’t put much pressure on diamonds.
  • Square drills for better-looking painting.
  • Warm the wax for consistency.
  • Clean drills that lost shine.
  • Give them as a gift to loved ones.

To have a better experience, get a better quality kit and have fun while painting.

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