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Bus Travel in Mexico: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re headed to Mexico City, you may want to consider taking the bus. The bus is Mexico’s most efficient mode of transportation. Here’s everything you desire to know before your first trip on a Mexican bus.

Types of Bus Service:

  • Luxury

The luxury or “lujo” buses are the most expensive option. They have comfortable seats and legroom, TVs, individual monitors or screens to watch movies, WiFi, and sometimes even bathrooms onboard. Some offer meals during the trip, but don’t expect gourmet food: they’re more like aeroplane food.

  • First Class

First class buses are also very comfortable; they include air conditioning (important in Mexico!), large windows with lots of light, TV screens on the back of every seat, and sometimes WiFi. They cost less than luxury buses.

  • Second Class

These are the cheapest buses you can take; there’s less legroom than in the other classes, and you may have to share a double seat with another passenger. Sometimes they don’t have air conditioning or even windows.

Popular Bus Company in Mexico – ADO

ADO is one of the most popular bus companies in Mexico. It has been serving both domestic and international travelers since 1978. If you are traveling within Mexico, you should consider booking with ADO.

It is the best option for traveling medium to long distances since ADO has the most extensive network of bus routes in the country.

The company bus station offers different travel classes, such as luxury and premium. If you are checking for a comfortable ride, opt for the premium class, which features spacious seats and two-by-two seating.


Mexico has one of the largest bus station in the world. The collective efforts of companies like ADO have turned this mode of transportation into a popular and reliable means of travel for millions of Mexicans each year.

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