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Your Smoke Detector Installation Is The Fine Line Between Life And Death

Smoke detector installation in your home is a critical investment and could be the fine line between life and death. Unfortunately, fires can occur in several ways and in any room in the house, and each fire is unique in its environment and conditions. So, just because you escaped unscathed once without the help of a smoke detector, that does not mean you are fire retardant. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you prioritise fire protection in your home, and we can help equip you with the best smoke detector installation services in Australia. 

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Why Smoke Detectors Are Essential. 

Thousands of people lose their lives every year in residential house fires, the majority due to a lack of smoke detectors or faulty fire alarm systems. So, although it is important to have smoke detectors in your home, it is equally important to ensure they are in working order, so please don’t take their batteries to replace the dead ones in the television remote! 

Unfortunately, a house fire victim is usually asleep when their home is engulfed in flames and more commonly dies from inhaling gasses and smoke rather than from burns. When you don’t detect the fire soon enough, you are at risk of losing your life. 

However, a smoke detector stands guard around the clock, affording you and your family a precious window of time to escape. 

Where Should Smoke Detectors Be Installed? 

For optimal safety, smoke detectors should be installed on every level of your home, inside every room and outside the sleeping area. If you install the device on the wall, be sure to place it near the ceiling. However, avoid placing them near bathrooms, heating appliances and ceiling fans, and consider a photoelectric detector for the kitchen to avoid alarm nuisances during cooking.

For further efficiency, consider installing smoke detectors along your escape route to help in poor-visibility conditions. 

A Planned Escape.

Prevention and preparedness go hand in hand when protecting your home and family from danger. It is therefore critical to ensure you have a planned escape route in the event of a fire and that you also invest in preventative measures, such as installing smoke detectors. Early detection allows you time to put out the fire or get your family out of harm’s way. 

Setting out an escape route is an excellent way to facilitate the safety of your family, but there are other safety guidelines to enforce to ensure you get out of the house as quickly as possible and avoid injury or potential death:

  1. When you hear the first fire alarm go off, don’t waste any time trying to save your belongings. Instead, alert the rest of your family and quickly try to exit through your planned escape route. 
  2. Your escape route may be filled with smoke, so getting low may make it easier to see and breathe. In addition, smoke contains gasses that can severely disorientate you and even kill you, so try holding your breath for as long as possible or breathe through a cloth instead of inhaling the smoke directly. It may also be worth it to invest in gas masks that are ready for your family to put on when you get to your escape route. 
  3. Once you are out of the home, do not re-enter! If a family member is still inside, firefighters will endeavour the flames to save them. 

Flames are fast-moving and do not allow much time for escape unless you catch them early enough! So, the faster you detect smoke, the more time you and your family have to exit the house. 

It’s everyone’s nightmare to wake up in a smokey room filled with intense heat and raging flames, but you can rest peacefully when you invest in smoke detector installation. So, give us a call today to request a quote!

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