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What Factors Make a Gun Collectible?

Do you have an inherited shotgun, a rifle you own, or just any other gun? Are you trying to look into how you can liquidate it and maybe list it in an auction and don’t know where to start? The first step is determining if your gun is desirable enough to be collectible. In today’s article, we are going to take you through the five factors that make a gun collectible.


A gun’s condition is one of the greatest indicators of its collectability. The more original a gun’s condition is, the more valuable it going to be. The finish of a gun needs to show that it has not been tampered with or modified from its original state. Appraisers score a gun’s condition on a six-point scale- new, as new, excellent, very good, good, and fair.  It is best to leave a gun’s finish alone to avoid the risk of devaluing it from cleaning.

Historical Significance

Firearms that played pivotal roles in history have a significance that accompanies them. Many firearms that came to fame during wartime show images of battlefields and legendary marksmanship. These guns can be highly collectible. Additionally, guns previously owned by famous individuals who contributed to historical events or were used in entertainment are significantly collectible.


A gun is rare when its demand is greater than the supply of its production run. From basic economics, we learn that shortages increase the value of items. Therefore, buyers are going to show interest in collecting rare guns. The age of a firearm can also determine its rarity. Though not a sure bet, the older a gun is, the rarer it is. Many guns do not stand the test of time. Hence the ones that do, become highly sought after.

Unique Features and Uniqueness

Firearms marked with early production serial numbers experience increased value in some situations. However, customizing a gun will diminish its value. Additionally, finely engraved guns are collected for their artistic value more than their worth as firearms. Classic works in guns of great engravers from the 19th and 20th centuries remain highly collectible.

Interest in the Collecting Community

When all the other factors are right, there must be the right buyer for the right gun. If the collecting community expresses little interest, there is less demand, and consequently, the value of the firearms decreases. The collector’s primary interest is determined by all the factors discussed above. Hence, depending on the score in each of the categories, a gun can be considered collectible or not.

In conclusion, these are the main factors that make a firearm collectible. So, if you have that gun passed on from your family or the gun you have in your home, you can check if it passes the collectible test. However, if you are not sure and need some expert advice, you can check in with Blackwell Auctions. Blackwell Auctions is a rare coin and firearm auction house. They can help you determine if your gun is collectible. Visit their website blackwellauctions.com for more information.

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