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What draws so many people to play board games in India?

The craze for physical board games has decreased in the past few years with everything going digital and availability of games online. Nonetheless, board games such as Ludo and Carrom remain an important part of our Indian culture and are played at functions or get-togethers. With the advent of the smartphone, people have opted for casual board games in their leisure time. As smartphones have come in usage, the craze for board games has taken a huge blow.

Games like Ludo and Carrom have replaced board games for most people and have caused them to forget about game playing that is beneficial for their health instead of such games. With advances in technology, the concept of board games with new features became economically viable. Mobile games turned board games into a similar experience. Now, with technology like augmented reality, people can enjoy a board game around their own table or on a tabletop setting.

The trend of playing board games inside a house was seen during the COVID 19 lockdown. This happened because people were still able to play multiplayer games by not going outside their homes.

Before there were many board games available online, mobile games such as 8-Ball Pool and others could still be played with friends. The introduction of different board games to phones enhanced the experience and brought back old memories for many people. Board games such as Ludo for mobile phones were developed and became popular, with tournaments once happening on different platforms and with a prize pool as large as that of a major tournament; the element of luck in any board game is still present, despite how their rules are structured.

With varied rules and variable outcomes, Carrom is a game that makes you use your mind and intelligence to the fullest against tough competition. Players need to rely on the dice and sometimes can get tricky when they’re trying to read opponents.

Although millennial gamers might not agree, it is hard to argue that the physicality of playing board games is just unmatched. The argument up to some extent is valid. However, the current generation enjoys playing games online and many turn to online games as a project they can finish without leaving home.

Online games are now much more easily accessible, so you can spread the word and experience your favorite pastime with friends from across the globe through current technology. These board games mainly have simple, easy to understand mechanics that appeal to players of all ages and levels of coordination.

There are other action-packed multiplayer games, such as BGMI and Call Of Duty available. All mobile devices struggle to play these games despite the flaws they have. These games are quite popular among the current generation, but again it all comes down to personal preference.

The best thing about board games is that they don’t require high-end devices to run them and are portable. Any Android smartphone can be used with these games and you will also be required to have a fast or reliable internet connection to play these online board games.

Online board games are the perfect way to relieve stress, in a scenario where you can play for as long as you want or whenever you want to be social. Playing these games is great because they take the stress off your mind, bring back memories of when you were a kid, and make you feel like one again.

“Ludo” & “Carrom” are two board games that has experienced rapid growth in spite of the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic. The online game has seen a facelift due to its popularity among family, friends, and even partners across the country.

“That is why AIO Games has seen a huge boost in popularity due to the lockdown, seeing a five fold increase in monthly traffic.” It has myriad games that you can play and win real money from just playing. Surprisingly, the most popular games such as Ludo and Carrom have seen a remarkable upswing with thousands of active users per day! The rapid surge was even enough to take the creators by surprise.

  1. Brainy Ludo – Challenging online game with some real cash rewards

Indian Ludo is a board game typically found in Indian homes and loved with open-hearted affection. Now that the people of India are more tech-savvy, AIO Games provides an electronic version of the game to win over their hearts once again and provides it online to really draw them in. Isn’t it amazing how easy gaming platforms like AIO Games make everything become?

Play Online Ludo game and earn money is such a game and anyone can indulge in this experience without the hassle of traveling to a real-life venue. All those golden days of victory celebrations can now be celebrated online, like never before, with the use of All-In-One Games technology. In recent years, gaming has been revolutionized because of modern technology. There is no barrier to enjoyment and instant gratification today, which is why this new concept has taken off so successfully.

  1. Carrom Combat – Fun and exciting way to spend your free time

Carrom has been a growing sensation for generations now. It’s always a favorite activity to play and watch at home or school/work during holidays. With technology advancing as it is, you can now also play this game online with ease.

With the proliferation of online gaming, more and more online gaming platforms have created their own variation of board games. These changes and variations generally arise from a variety of reasons, but one reason is that some are adapting for a better experience with new technological developments such as online board games. However, AIO Games has introduced Online Carrom Board Game, which is where you can compete against someone in a 2-player format.

AIO Games powered Carrom Combat, a multiplayer online carrom game that helps you connect with others and test your skills. It is a convenient UI feature to get real money on the go without any hassle. You can also enjoy Carrom Combat by playing it and getting rewarded for your wins.

Carrom is a classic game of thrills and fun that everyone can enjoy. Carrom is simple to learn, but if you practice enough, it can be very tough. With online versions coming in the present day, you can play carrom games at any time.


In the past, less people were exposed to Board games and it was harder for them to find. However, with the internet and social media, it is easier for people to spread their thoughts about the games they enjoy. Online board games such as Ludo, Carrom are also very popular in India which means that they are people’s favorites. And now, they’re back in a new form.

Online platforms such as AIO Games make it easy for people to connect with other people that share their interests. With more people talking about board games and spreading the word, more people are exposed to them and they experience success.