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What are the lists of things to consider in mind before purchasing a bike?

Most middle-class people prefer bikes that are low maintenance, small manageable in size and have easy loan options. Buyers should spend time selecting the best bike where it should fulfill their expectations and budget. The first thing is to consider where motorbikes come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Buyers should not rush up with inappropriate vehicles by offers. They have to choose the best bike which should stay for a long time and be useful for everyday work. The basic things to know about is pick up, performance, mileage, and maintenance of the bike.

Fuel efficiency:

Nowadays petrol prices are increased, so it is an important factor to consider. Bigger size engine capacity which has more power but the fuel efficiency is less. If the bike capacity of the engine is small the buyers will get great fuel efficiency. Compared to other bikes maestro 5g price is affordable and with 125cc engine capacity. Mileage may change depending upon the petrol use, riding style, and accessories in the bike.


There is another important criterion while purchasing the new bike is engine capacity. There is a variety of bikes under 200cc are available. Most of the  200cc Bikes in India which has good performance with a powerful engine. These bikes are useful in daily works and weekend-long drives, which give fun to ride. The high cc bikes will go faster and produce more power with low fuel efficiency. But they are suitable for highways, not for the city roads due to traffic issues.


Today the youngsters are more fascinated by the style and power of the engine. In the market, there are several bikes with different styles at an affordable cost. The buyers should decide the style which has drivability, mileage, comfort, and safety. Otherwise, the buyer will end up, which is not suitable for their style, were riding a dirt bike to the office.

Resale value:

The most important for resale value is brand and purchasing year. The bike should have the good condition with engine capacity and mileage. The bike should be maintained properly with regular service and the insurance are claimed regularly.

Price consideration: 

The buyers should calculate all the expenses like purchasing, extra expenses and service charges. They need to consider about interest rate if a bike is purchased in EMI, where it is convenient and easy. After the free services, there will be paid services charge need to be spent for a bike. So the maintenance cost and extra fitting cost for the new bike has to be calculated.


Anyone can be fooled easily by a salesman where expensive bikes are good to ride. So the buyer should not accept that emotional words. They have to be passionate and have dreams about their bike. They should be satisfied with what they have purchased; otherwise, it is a huge loss in time and money. Before purchasing the bike, they have to get suggestions from mechanics or experts who have experience in the bike.


The last fact to consider about the bike is the warranty. They should check with warranty for bike engine, battery, and other parts. If there is any defect during the warranty period the company should repair or replace the parts without charges for the customer.

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