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Try A New V-Shaped Botox Injection For Jaw Slimming

Botox injection can solve various problems like soft and facial wrinkles, prevent chronic migraines, solve the problem of excessive sweating, etc. The main objective of v shape botox ( โบ ท็ อก หน้า เรียว, which is the term in Thai) injection is to reduce facial wrinkles. This type of injection is dangerous and harmful to your body, and one should always seek advice from a top expert before proceeding.

The Things To Decide

Before proceeding forward, one should always decide to inject Botox injections, including the following.

  • Distribution

Always remember that the distribution of Botox to various areas that are harmful to the patient or problematic for them to treat will serve the problem of paralysing. Suppose a person injects the injection in an area that is dangerous for them, then it can cause skin cancer, temporary muzzle problem, or ptosis problem. So it’s highly recommended to take help from an expert before moving ahead.

  • Fake Injections

The fake Botox injection is harmful to your body. However, the phony infusion will provide a less active result than the actual Botox injection. The result will not be visible and will not be suitable for the jaw injection. It will have a negative impact, and one cannot fulfil the needs of a real one.

  • Injection To Reduce Jaw

The first and foremost step is a preparation which requires a Botox injection to reduce the jaw problem. You must learn and keep an eye on Botox injection by choosing a standard cleaning experience doctor.

Opt for a simple Botox injection. Try to check the body temperature whether you are fit for the injection or not. If you are going through a particular disease, consult your doctor before injecting.

Before proceeding, you should remember that vitamin E supplements, fish oil and herbal products are not required. So avoid such products for three days at least. 

  • Precautions After Injection

After Botox injection, you should avoid lying down, squeezing, feeling, or pressing the injection area. Suppose swelling occurs. Use ice compress to get relief. The node is not a problem. You can heal yourself within one to two days. Make sure that you avoid hot laser treatment for two weeks at least. Alcoholic beverages, food, and smoking are avoided. 

Bottom Line

Last but not least, you can try the V-shaped Botox injection for jaw slimming and facial wrinkles accordingly. Seek help from your expert before proceeding forward, and take full precautions before and after.

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