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Tips To Import Your Car in Canada

If you are planning to buy a car outside and get it shipped to Canada, it can be an extremely cumbersome process. The unfavourable exchange rates and taxes do not encourage many to take this step and get their cars imported in the nation. However, there are some who need to get a car in the United States and get it imported through the borders of Canada. Before even heading onto the import process, you must know about the process and how it is different for different vehicles. 

Obtain Canadian vehicle insurance before importing the vehicle

This is a necessary step to take even before you begin with the importation process for the vehicle. A vehicle insurance with a Canadian insurance company is extremely essential for an easy import. You need to make sure that the insurance will be covering your vehicle while it is still in the United States. You should also make sure that the policy coverage begins right from the day of the purchase of your vehicle.

Get the vehicle the right temporary license plate

You need to get a temporary license plate which will allow you to drive the vehicle in both the United States as well as in Canada. Through this step, you will also buy yourself some time to complete and update the registration process once you are arriving in Canada. This is an important step and shouldn’t be missed.

Know the provincial requirements

The provinces of Canada have requirements that do not align with each other. There are certain provinces which won’t allow you to register certain vehicles there like the ones with right-hand driving or the ones with salvage titles. The provinces might also require a safety inspection or emissions test before registration. Know all the regulations before buying the car and also check the permit requirements with your province.

Get a clearance letter if you are financing

If the vehicle is getting financed by any chance, you will have to take a clearance letter from the lender. The letter will give you the permission to export the vehicle from the USA into Canadian borders. In many cases, you might not receive this letter from the lender and hence, you need to pay the full amount while purchasing it.

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