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Tips on how to make a fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are a type of toy usually made from metal or plastic that consists of a bearing in the center that can be spun around. They are meant to help with stress, anxiety, and boredom. It can also be used as a therapeutic or deep-thought tool to help people who have trouble focusing or concentrating. These are popular among children, teenagers, and adults. It is also known for being a toy for people with ADHD.

Tips on how to make a fidget spinner

Below are some tips on how to make a fidget spinner, the most popular of which include using a 3d printer and having it professionally engraved.

  1. 3D Printing a Fidget Spinner

Making a 3d printed fidget spinner is one of the most popular ways to make a spinner. It usually consists of 3d printing a bearing holder, bearings, and the centerpiece of the spinner in which you want to hold your bearings. First, you will have to measure the size of your bearings and print out a holder approximately 1/2 inch x 2 inches. From here, you will have to add your bearings to this holder. Next, print out the centerpiece for your fidget spinner called the body. This part will hold all your pieces together once it has been finished printing.

  1. Grinding and Engraving

Another way many people make their fidget spinner is by grinding and engraving the metal of the bearing with a piece of sandpaper or grinder. This will leave a “tooth” in the metal. You will then brush chalk or an oil slick onto the metal and polish it with your finger.

  1. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is another helpful way to get a perfectly shaped fidget spinner. First, you need to draw or design your object in CAD. Then, please send it to the laser cutter, where the material will be cut using a laser beam. After cutting, polish the edges of your object using sandpaper and make sure that there are no burrs left behind by rubbing your fingernail along them.

  1. Casting

Another way to make a fidget spinner is to cast the plastic or metal into a mold and then carefully remove the pocket of air left behind. To do this, mix epoxy with metal flakes and put it into a 1/4-inch hole. Then push it through a 3mm hole. Afterward, you can heat it in a cup warmer or using an acetylene torch. Make sure you are not heating the metal for over 5 minutes so as not to melt or warp it. Use epoxy to join layers together instead of soldering if possible.

  1. DIY Method

The fourth way to make a fidget spinner is by using the DIY method, or do-it-yourself. To make your fidget spinner, you will need a drill press for drilling holes, epoxy for gluing, and a Dremel tool with a stone cutting disk and sanding drum attachment. You will also need bearings that are made of steel and are sized 17mm. You can also use washers instead of bearings.


While there are many ways to make a fidget spinner, the most popular methods are using a 3d printer and grinding and engraving. We hope that our article not only provides you with some tips on how to make a fidget spinner but also allows you to become more knowledgeable regarding fidget spinners.