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Before purchasing a swimming pool, it is critical to calculating the pool maintenance cost so that you can plan for the future. An estimate can be arrived at by checking out any Atlanta pool company website. You must also budget for electricity and water bills, as well as monthly maintenance costs, which can add up to significant investment over the course of a year. One of your most pressing concerns is whether to hire a pool cleaning service or do your own pool maintenance. Taking care of pool maintenance on your own necessitates purchasing tools and supplies, learning how to maintain the pool (usually by watching videos), and dedicating hours of your time every day or a few times per week. 

For starters, decide whether you’ll build an indoor or outdoor pool, as well as the material you’ll use. Most people choose concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass for inground pools. Costs will also be determined by the size of the pool and the surrounding area. Concrete pools become more expensive as more chemicals and energy are required to maintain the porous surfaces. Because you won’t have to clean debris every day, indoor pools are easier to maintain. They do, however, require proper ventilation due to chlorine saturation. Atlanta pool company typically do not charge for materials or labor, instead of charging a flat rate, either monthly or weekly.

Weekly service is ideal and less expensive because a cleaner pool is less expensive to maintain. To prevent long-term damage, the bare minimum suggested is at least one month’s worth of pool service cost. According to Atlanta Today, most pool cleaning services cost $70-200 per month on average, depending on the size of the pool and how frequently someone comes out of the house. 

When speaking with an  Atlanta pool company representative, make sure they go over all of the maintenance procedures so you don’t have to pay extra. To ensure a quality job, pool service technicians should know more than just the fundamentals of swimming pool chemistry, plumbing issues, and various electrical components. Don’t forget to consider the value of your time when calculating pool maintenance costs. Some chain companies may use employees who are only minimally trained, as opposed to a local contractor who typically brings more experience to each case.

You won’t enjoy performing weekly pool service if you’re not naturally inclined to enjoy DIY work that requires learning about chemistry and basic mechanics. Cost is also relative to the quality of work. To make a true comparison, you’ll need to call around and get a quote for pool service near you, but we hope this helps.  If you can’t afford the time or can’t ensure a near-perfect pool maintenance program, don’t put your loved ones’ health at risk. If you have any doubts, hire someone to take care of the pool so you can enjoy it more this summer!