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The Best Way to Sleep After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you have recently undergone gastric sleeve surgery, then you may be wondering how to get the best sleep possible. This is an important question, as getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your recovery. In this article, we will discuss the best way to sleep after gastric sleeve surgery. We will also provide some tips for improving your sleep quality overall. So, if you want to get the most out of your post-surgery slumber, keep reading!

1. Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back will help keep the pressure off of your stomach, allowing it to heal and reducing the chances of experiencing any discomfort. This sleeping position can also help reduce snoring, acid reflux, and heartburn symptoms. In addition, this will help you get a more restful night’s sleep and facilitate healing. If you have any questions or concerns about your sleeping position, be sure to ask a doctor for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana for more advice. They can give you personalized recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

2. Use a Pillow

Placing a pillow beneath your torso can help support you and keep you in the correct position while sleeping. It will also help reduce any pressure that may be placed on your stomach area due to the surgery. It is important to ensure you are comfortable and in a position that will not cause any discomfort, so make sure to adjust the positioning of the pillow until it feels right for you. Additionally, using a body pillow or full-length pillow can help keep your entire body supported and in the correct position while you are sleeping. This can reduce any discomfort that may occur due to tightness in your abdominal region.

3. Avoid Eating or Drinking Before Bed

It is important to avoid eating or drinking anything at least two hours before you go to bed after gastric sleeve surgery. This will help ensure that your stomach is not overly full when you are trying to sleep and reduce the risk of experiencing any discomfort during the night. Additionally, it can be beneficial to drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you are well-hydrated before bed. You may even consider checking out the best sleeping position after gastric sleeve surgery, as this can further help you get a good night’s sleep.


Now you know the best way to sleep after gastric sleeve surgery. It is important to ensure that you get enough rest and support for your stomach when sleeping, as this will help the healing process. Taking care of yourself during this time is essential, and following these tips can help make sure that your recovery goes smoothly.

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