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Symptoms of Omicron

In December 2019, a disaster struck upon this world. A very deadly virus had come to earth, causing a stir among mankind. The virus was first spotted in Wuhan district, China. The first case was reported as having cough, fever and shortness of breath. These symptoms soon worsened, causing death. Since its first emergence, the world later knows that the culprit is known by the name Covid-19. This virus is very powerful because it is very deadly and can easily spread from human to human in just a short amount of time. This is the reason why it is declared as a pandemic in March 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Before the declaration, the virus had infected millions of people around the world and caused thousands of deaths. Many people chose to find doctor who can treat them, but unfortunately there was still no cure at that time. Thankfully, it was revealed a couple of months later that the cure for this pandemic is the Covid-19 vaccine. Yes, only worldwide vaccination can help stop this infection for good and return our world to its normal state.

However, this is of course easier said than done. One of every virus nature that scientists are aware of is mutation. Any virus will be able to mutate and form something stronger, and the same can be said to Covid-19. This is what happens somewhere in 2021. Multiple strains of new Covid-19 mutations were found in the United Kingdom, India, Brazil and also Africa. The viruses are reported to become more potent. They can easily infect other people and cause death very effectively when compared to its predecessor. At that time, this news will send shivers down the spine to those who read about it. Of course, nobody wants this virus to be near them. Somehow, the vaccine still manages to deal with these strains because they are not that different to its predecessor, until Omicron comes.

So, what is Omicron? Omicron is the newest strain of Covid-19 virus. It was caused by its mutation these past years, developing into something that is very terrifying. It was first discovered in South Africa. Since its first discovery, it is known that it already infected other countries in just a short amount of time. Nowadays, most of the countries in this world have already detected the emergence of Omicron. One thing that is very dangerous about Omicron is that it is very hard to detect the infection. The symptoms vary slightly with other types of Covid-19 virus. It is said that Omicron will give plenty of other symptoms and it is actually impossible to note down all the symptoms. One thing for sure is the symptoms usually mimic those that appear before Omicron. It is known that Omicron cases often give mild and severe infection with so many future complications.

As for now, scientists are still learning about the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine against Omicron. For the time being, choosing to get vaccinated remains the best possible way to help your body fight this infection. Besides, you also need to stay alerted on any updates regarding this virus. For now, please continue to follow all the SOPs and Covid-19 protocols. Remember to always sanitize your hand regularly, wear a mask when you want to go outside of your house, please avoid crowded places, clean your environment regularly and also don’t forget to meet your doctor if you think you have one of the known Covid-19 symptoms. Please take care of yourself and also your family. Together, we can fight this pandemic.

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