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Production of zebra hide skin 

Zebra hide rugs are made from the skin of the African Zebra, which is a mammal that is found in Africa. The skin is taken from animals that have been culled to be used for clothing and other products such as shoes or belts. The meat from these animals has also been used as food and even to make medicine.

The hide is cleaned and dried before being cut into pieces. This process is done by hand with knives, which causes some damage to the skin. After this it is cleaned again, this time with water and soap, to remove any remaining blood or other materials that may have entered into it during its first drying stage.

The pieces are then sewn together to create the rugs  itself. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on how large an area you are making and how many people are working on it at once. Once completed, you have an extremely durable rug with no holes where bugs can get through; which makes them perfect as a flooring material in any home or business office space!

Tips to get the perfect zebra hide rugs 

Zebra hide rugs are a great addition to any room. They add a unique look and feel to your room, making it feel more alive. Zebra hides come in a wide range of colors, so they can be used in almost any room. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your zebra hide rug:

  • Use it as an accent rug; If you want something that is going to be used in just one area of your home, then consider using a zebra rug as an accent rug. You can place it in your living room or bedroom to add that extra pop of color or style. You may also want to use it in a hallway or entryway so that it doesn’t take up too much space but still adds some interest and functionality.
  • Use it as a statement piece; If you have a large area that needs some extra attention, then consider using one of these rugs as a focal point for the room. This way all eyes will be drawn to this area when walking into your home and will make it feel more inviting than if there was nothing there at all! Use as an entryway rug. A zebra hide rug can also work well as an entryway rug 

Appropriate material for zebra hide rugs

There are many different types of materials that can be used to make rugs. One of the more common ones is zebra hide. This type of material is also known as zebra fur, African wool, and simply “zebra”. It comes in many different colors and patterns but it’s usually dyed to match whatever you want your rug to look like. Zebra hide is an animal skin that has been tanned using vegetable dyes. It’s made from the same species as leopard or tiger skin and has a similar texture.

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