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Pediatric Podiatrist – When Is the Right Time to Take Your Child to The Podiatrist?

Children also suffer from manygenetic foot and ankle conditions, which can cause severe pain. Most of these problems sort themselves out as their body muscles develop and grow. Sometimes, they may get their feet and ankle injured during playtime. Toddlers have more flexible feet. Due to their under-growing process, their feet keep changing their shape and size too frequently.

Regularly, you must check for shoe sizes for fitting and protectiveness of their feet. Tight-fitting shoes can restrict the growth of their feet and puts excessive pressure to deform the structure of your child’s growing feet. Children require special attention and immediate treatment for the abnormalities in the shape of their feet and formation of the bones.

A timely administered medical attention of a pediatric podiatrist Orange County,Dr.SimaSoltani, can help your child avoid any serious foot conditions. They have 20 years of specialization and a comprehensive foot care clinic in Irvine to serve patients from across California. Their pediatric podiatry program includes prevention, screening, and treatment stages. Toenail laser therapy, stem cell therapy, and sport-related injury treatments are some of their other services.

What is a pediatric podiatrist? How they can help your child?

A pediatric podiatrist is a qualified medical professional who cares for children’s feet and ankles. They are specialized for the treatment of undiagnosed feet and ankle conditions of your child. They have extensive training in caring for childrento ensure that your child grows healthy. Due to immaturity, your child may not express the reason for their pain.

With their advanced equipment and experience, they can diagnose your child’s feet and ankle to recommendthe right treatment. They can also help them to stretch and exercise which can gradually reduce their pain. They have specialized training which helps them to carefully diagnose children for any kind of deformation, discomfort, or abnormalities in your child.

These, children’s foot doctor, can treat a wide range of feet and ankle conditions of children including flat feet, inward arches, athlete’s feet, plantar warts, curled toes, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, and toe walking.

When is the right time to visit a pediatric podiatrist?

You are advised to take your child to a pediatric podiatrist, whenever you find the below symptoms in them.

  1. Theycomplain of feet or ankle pain – If your child frequently complains of pain, discomfort, or sorenessintheir legs, feet, or ankles, you must immediately take them to a podiatrist. Your child may also appear to walk on tiptoes. This may likely be due to open wounds, ingrown toenails, and foot fungus. Being a parent, you will be the first person to notice such early signs of feet conditions.
  2. Withdrawal from regular activity – When your child suffers from feet or ankle ailments, they will show behavioral changes. They may also show some psychological conditions like irritation and stress. Due to chronic pain, they start avoiding standing, walking, and running, which children usually love to do.
  3. Haveknock knees or bowed legs–Your child may walk with knock knees or bowed legs to show that they could not put their entire body weightor pressure on your feet. In such cases, your pediatric foot doctor may help your child to alleviate their pain.
  4. Changes in pace and performance – Children always hopping around. They love to spin, run, jump and bounce all the time. If you find them sitting inactive or lacking interest in any activities, they may suffer from sprains, bruising, and other types of pain. They may also indicate through ailing during such activities.
  5. Any history of feet injuries – Your child may have experienced feet injuries in back days. Gradually, this injury may develop into a chronic painful experience for them. You must consult the pediatrist before such conditions arise.

How to find the best pediatric podiatrist for your child?

It is very important to find a trusted specialist, known as a pediatric podiatrist, who has the same level of love and care for your child as you do. Here are a few tips to find the right podiatrist for your child.

  1. Get a referral from knowns – You can ask your friends, family members, or a known doctor to refer a trusted podiatrist they may know.
  2. Checkreviews and research online – Make research for nearby pediatric podiatrists. You can visit review sites to read their customers’ reviews about their treatment results and service ratings. You may select the one with the most positive reviews and ratings.
  3. Check the Podiatrist’s medical license – You must verify the validity of their credentials online at the websites of medical associationslikethe American Podiatric Medical Association and the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.
  4. Behavior of doctors and staff – The friendly behavior of doctors and their staff will make your child comfortable throughout their treatment process. A good doctor must easily understand the actions and pains of your child. Also, a trusted doctor will always explain clearly the treatment options and the entire process to the parents in the initial stage.
  5. Advance tools – A reputed and trusted doctor must have the latest and updated tools for diagnosis and treatment.