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Novomed Dubai, recommended clinic to get Rhinoplasty done!

Since I can remember, I’ve been suffering from nose deviation. It’s something I’ve been dealing with my whole life and has been interfering with my daily lifestyle.

Due to this deviation I have trouble sleeping at night, and where I have to apply 3 pillows and sleep sitting up so that I can breathe. As well, sometimes my nose may randomly bleed. The only solution to my nose deviation was to get a rhinoplasty.

While I was visiting Dubai, I met with a friend of mine who has previously done a rhinoplasty in dubai Novomed clinic. Her nose was done beautifully and naturally, therefore I got excited and called Novomed center and scheduled a consultation.

During my consultation, the plastic surgeon and I discussed my deviation problem, how it can be fixed and he asked me to do some medical tests needed before proceeding with my surgery. I personally felt very comfortable with the doctor and the staff, they were very welcoming and professional, which made me easily take the decision to undergo my rhinoplasty surgery at Novomed Dubai.

The day of my surgery, the nurses were by my side the whole time before the operation motivating and comforting me, the surgeon also passed by to see how I was doing and reminded me not to worry and that everything is going to be well. In addition, when my surgery was done the surgeon passed by the intensive care to see how I was doing and gave me all the tips and instructions to help with my recovery and make sure I have a fast and safe recovery journey.

He also prescribed some medications to relieve pain, and told me that although I might notice a big change in my nose’s shape, the final results will appear after 1 year.

Now, Thanks to Novomed and their professional team I am able to breath and live without worrying! My deviation is not only corrected but I also have a beautiful nose with a natural!

Anyone who is thinking of undergoing a rhinoplasty in Dubai, I recommend them to visit Novomed, it’s a choice that I will never ever regret! They are extremely professional, and make you feel safe and comfortable.

Thank you Novomed, you changed my life forever!


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