Know about the fabric of the Motorized curtains.
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Know about the fabric of the Motorized curtains

When you start an interior design, especially when choosing curtains, you must bear in mind several crucial points the curtain style, the nature of the fabric, the confines, and of course the befitting and the finish. We explain everything about Motorized Curtains. That is.

  • Perfect for shadowing out the light and sequestration at night, you should always choose an opaque design for night-time spaces.
  • These motorized curtains have a filling that acts as a hedge in downtime against the cold wave from outside and wards off heat in summer.
  • Heavy curtains like velvet or thick cotton also give thermal sequestration giving your home a cozy, warm style.

Voile curtains

Designed For living spaces, voile curtains are perfect for seeing without being seen. Their light fabric is light and either sheer or light filtering to cover you from prying eyes and still let some light in. Plain or patterned, made of simple cotton, polyester, organza, or muslin, there is a commodity for everybody.


This rare fabric is frequently the top choice amongst contrivers that want to give a room a precious look and is popularly used in luxury exchange units or high-end hospices. As seen in our Aira Residence design, they are stylishly suited to be used as sheer curtains because of their soft and light-filtering rates. ultramodern linen fabric can also come in thick and heavier weaves, still, they are not thick enough to be used as knockout curtains. Homeowners also like then the on-allergenic quality of the material that helps keep the home comfortable for family members with allergies. These motorized linen curtains earn the stylish treatment for how nicely they hang and complete the room. Curtain Library’s experts give an exclusive curtain cleaning service to bring guests with old curtains in need of cleaning!


The cotton used in curtains is the same cotton used for apparel. While not the most common choice for homes, cotton can have your curtains hang in crisp straight lines that match both traditional and ultramodern aesthetics. Unfortunately, cotton is still not thick enough to be used as a knockout or dimout material. On top of being a strong and heavy fabric type, cotton is veritably permeable and keeps bad Odors from sticking onto the face, making it suitable for homes with favas. Still, homeowners should note that washing cotton curtains the wrong way can lead to loss and fuzzy Fibers appearing.


Conventional synthetic accoutrements have been shut out by home decorators for times, but it is time to get acquainted with what is new in the fabric’s assiduity. ultramodern synthetic fabric is made to emulate the stylish rates of natural fabrics. Polyester, for case, is suitable to mimic the texture of linen, cotton, suede, tweed, silk, and indeed velvet. Unlike these natural accouterments, still, the man-made fabric is resistant to wrinkling, and stretching, on top of being mold- resistant andante-bacterial! This makes them a popular material to be used for separations in hospitals, conventions, and indeed homestays.

Just like natural fabrics, polyester is a sturdy material that holds a nice shape for the motorize curtains when bowed- without being heavy or delicate to take down on your own. They are also designed to repel sun exposure without the need for fresh filling accouterments! This is what sets synthetic fabrics piecemeal from natural bones, as both the front and tails of polyester curtains are suitable to hold designs without getting faded from the sun.

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