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How to keep your 100cc bikes working smoothly at all times

If you are tired of buying bikes and seeing them eat up your fuel as well as making it hard for you to enjoy them for long periods, you need to relax. There might be something you are doing wrong. So, instead of blaming all bike brands in India and the world for being the worst, think about what you are not doing right. Yes. You must do that. If you are really considering buying a 100cc Bikes, you need to know that the best brands design their bikes to come with top-notch features. This is done to make sure all users enjoy and provide amazing reviews to help the brand grow. With that said, you need to always be ready to make the right decisions and make them accordingly.

Some unique brands

Some of the 100cc bikes you can find now in India include the Hero HF Deluxe, TVS Sport, the Hero Splendor Plus i3s, the Bajaj CT100, the Hero Passion Pro i3s, the TVS scooty Pep Plus, the Bajaj Platina 100, and more.

Some things not to do

  • Never ride your brakes. One thing that can mess up with the smooth working of your 100cc bikes is riding your brakes. When you do that, it burns out the brake pads. This can waste your fuel at a high level, as well as your strength too. When you see drops coming, throw your bike into neutral or downshift. With this done, it will slow down before you hit the drop. Also, try to have them applied in chunks rather than over the whole drop. One thing about 100cc bike models is that, due to how fast they can go, you might be tempted to go all the way. However, you need to be very careful.
  • Do not overburden your bike. Most of the time, you will find riders of 100cc bikes traveling on long journeys with them. On these journeys, they have quite a bit of luggage carried or tagged along. That is not bad. However, if that is something that is frequently done, it means you will be losing quite some energy and fuel will be eaten up too. Make certain that you are not carrying tools or other unnecessary items with you. If you need to carry it on your bike, do it. If it is not needed, do not.
  • Engines shouldn’t be left idle. It is very simple to do this. Always make sure you turn off your bike engine when you are stuck at a place for some time or when you park to have a conversation. As long as the time exceeds 15 seconds and there is no movement, but your engine is one, it doesn’t help keep the mileage of 100cc bikes at the right levels. Also, during the winter months, there is no need for engine warming. It is a complete waste of time and cash.
  • Always park in the shade. There is a lot more that you should do to make sure your bike is comfortable. One of the things to do is to make sure it is parked right in the shade. Allowing your bike to bake in the hot sun eats out a lot of your fuel through evaporative emissions. So, the right thing should be done so that you can use your bike in peace.


When your 100cc bikes works, your life moves, and that is a true fact.

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