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Here’s why you need high-performance windows for your Quebec home

Whether building a new home in Quebec or remodeling the existing nest, you need to consider newer ways of upgradation. As an environment-conscious homeowner, you should reap the benefits of modern technology that can help the planet and reduce your overhead expenses. At some point, window replacement is necessary, and instead of going for the standard options, you can consider high-performance windows. Check magazines like Maison Saine that offer considerable insight on how to build an energy-efficient home, and for your help, we have mentioned a few points below.

An overview of energy-efficient windows

True to the name, energy-efficient windows come with airtight seals that improve insulation across the house. With the low thermal expansion, you can expect these windows to last longer, while modern glass treatments ensure that your home gets enough natural light without the consequent heat, especially in the summers. If you are looking at energy efficiency, consider R-10 windows, although, at the least, you should be aiming at R-5. You may also want to check the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which indicates the level of solar radiation that passes through a window.

The need for energy efficiency

Rising energy costs are a concern for many homeowners in Canada, and while replacing existing windows or building new ones, your immediate focus should be on energy efficiency. With high-performance windows, you can bring down energy costs considerably. Data shows that inefficient windows and doors often account for 25% of energy bills for households. Not to forget, energy-efficient windows also reduce the burden on heating & cooling systems, which helps increase the lifespan of your mechanical equipment.

Manufacturers are now making high-performance windows to stand environmental conditions and minimize energy costs. From dual glazing to using materials that enhance insulation, you can do more for your home. In fact, the choice of construction materials also makes a big difference.  

Enhance your comfort

Thanks to high-performance windows and doors, you can expect to keep your home warmer during the chilly winters in Quebec and cooler when necessary. The new-age glazing techniques are extremely effective in reducing noise transmission, which is an added advantage when you wish for a peaceful life. You can also consider windows that provide UV protection, which is just as essential as the windshield on your car. With UV protection, you can protect your interior investments and furniture too.

Think of new windows as an investment for the future!