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Guide to Planning Factory Building

Factories are an important part of society since they produce usable goods after interacting and processing the raw materials. A factory shall only be built after the site is planned, layout and equipment requirements are determined and verified by the required authorities. The building shall be constructed according to the needs of the plant to cut excess expenses and deliver the best results.

Here, we have listed some of the essential factors that should be kept in mind while planning a factory building. Following these essential factors would help you to have the best results.

Type of manufacturing process

Determining the nature of the manufacturing process is one of the first steps before planning a factory building. This will, in return, determine the construction intensity, floor capacity, headspace, bay size and many other factors related to a factory building. When you determine the nature of your manufacturing process, you can also decide the various equipment that you would need.

Plant layout

When designing a plan for the factory building, the arrangement and placement of the various equipment, service docks and offices play a huge role. Depending on the arrangement of such units, the plant layout is influenced. The labor pattern should be at the core of the plant layout and every other component should be designed based on the labor pattern. However, the plant layout should be flexible enough to accommodate future upgrades as well.

Space requirements

The space for a factory building solely depends on the flow of various components within it. The requirement of space for machinery, employee movement, service docks and other elements determine the overall area of the factory building. The height of the roof is also a concern and it usually depends on the type and size of equipment used.

Safety and protection factors

Since a factory building is all about heavy-duty machines, safety and protection of the employees is a serious issue. The plant should accommodate adequate safety measures like a fire tackling system, theft handling system, sprinklers, emergency exits, alarms system, safety lights, and many others. 


Lighting is a major factor within a factory building. For the employees and laborers to work efficiently, the interiors of a factory should be installed with enough artificial lighting systems and should also allow adequate natural lights inside the premises.

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