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Gantry Systems A Practical and Cost-Effective Window Solution

When other standard suspended maintenance methods cannot meet your building’s needs, gantry systems are a practical choice for external and internal glazed structural maintenance. This permanent platform on rails, for example, is commonly used to reach hard-to-reach exterior glass surfaces when direct contact with the glass is not advised. A gantry is also widely used for domes, atriums, and structures with a panoramic overview.

Protected Access

A maintenance gantry is a bridge-like framework that serves as a working platform for reaching roofing surfaces that would have been difficult or impossible to reach securely otherwise. The gantry will blend with the surroundings when utilized in public buildings where aesthetics are essential. Gantries are an important aspect of the facade access system in a wide range of building projects, providing unique functionality that is adapted to meet the problems the building offers and the best solution for the building’s access needs.

Gantries For Maintenance – Accessible And Safe

Gantries are known by a variety of names, including “maintenance gantries,” “access gantries,” “service gantries,” and occasionally “access platforms.” All of these terms accurately describe the use of a gantry. The gantry is used to monitor various aspects of construction. Accessing the interior or outside of glass roofs or skylights is one of the most common uses for a gantry. In addition, the gantry becomes the only choice when there is no or limited floor space for a built-from-the-ground-up machine.

The gantries are built to move over aluminum rails with manual or motorized trolleys, making access to the entire roof area efficient and straightforward. The gantry is utilized for more than just washing the glass roof. It’s also used to keep the sprinklers running and perform other technical chores. Gantries are typically employed to provide safe access to and maintenance of hard-to-reach interior and external parts. Ideal for exterior applications, such as window cleaning and glass replacement, when window cleaners must avoid treading on glass. Cleaning and maintaining interior windows, lighting, sprinklers, air distribution equipment, ducting, and other building elements.

Gantries Can Be Customised For A Variety Of Uses

Almost every aspect of the gantry can be changed. The gantry is just a straight bridge in its most basic form. It can be constructed to follow any roof form to make the gantry as inconspicuous as possible while allowing access to the entire roof. If the access area is not uniform, the gantry can also include a telescopic extension. Pro-Bel gantry systems are designed to be used when all other suspended maintenance solutions fail to fulfill your facility’s needs. Gantry systems, which are effectively a permanent platform on rails, are made of high-quality aluminum and are commonly used to reach hard-to-reach exterior glass areas where direct contact with the glass is not recommended. Gantries come in various styles, shapes, and colours and can be custom-made to fit almost any unique architectural feature or building access requirement. Gantry systems are equally helpful for maintaining lighting, sprinklers, ducting, and other related building inside components as they are for servicing interior atrium spaces.


Gantry systems are offered in manual or automatic configurations to meet any aesthetic need, glazing angle/shape, building configuration, interior/exterior use.

Engineer Certified: Gantries must be developed by or under the supervision of a licenced professional engineer with experience in such design, according to OSHA. The performance of Pro-Bel gantries is based on data obtained through independent testing and/or engineering calculations.

Solely Responsible For From idea to procurement and installation, Pro-Bel delivers comprehensive primary equipment and fall safety products/systems.

OSHA and ASME/ANSI/ IWCA safety regulations for window washing, and many other materials standards, are met by all gantries and related equipment, including trolleys.

We now have a full array of window cleaning equipment available. More than 200 employees make up our team, all of whom are skilled and informed to give you the best service possible. Furthermore, we take pride in providing our gantry systems with cost-effective engineering solutions. If you require any additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

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