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Exploring the green rewards of Octopus Energy referral

The company offering competitive pricing is Octopus Energy, and they also have an appealing referral program that rewards existing customers for referring friends. They supply green electricity from solar, wind, and hydro sources, so signing up with them directly supports growth in renewable energy. Their Octopus Go tariff even allows you to charge your EV overnight at discounted rates. By promoting renewable energy and technologies, Octopus Energy is helping drive change in the energy sector. Their cost-effective renewable energy options also enable households to take steps towards lowering their environmental impact. 

Earning rewards for referrals 

Not only does Octopus Energy provide green energy options, but they also offer incentives for referring friends through their referral program. As an existing Octopus Energy customer, you have a unique referral code you share with friends and family interested in switching. A referral code is a code that can be used to sign up for Octopus Energy, and you will earn £50 in credit on your energy bill for each referral that uses your referral code.

The more referrals you generate, the greater the rewards you can accumulate. If you want to refer more than one friend, you can do so without any limits. For every 5 successful sign-ups, you’ll also get an additional £25 loyalty bonus credited to your account. With energy bills rising, earning credit through referrals is a great way to save money on your bills. It’s easy to share your referral code through email, social media, or good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. 

Helping friends switch to green energy

Not only do you benefit from the referral program, but you also help your friends sign up for affordable green energy tariffs. By suggesting they switch to Octopus Energy using your referral code, you give them access to cheaper prices and renewable electricity. At a time when many are struggling with expensive energy bills, referring to Octopus Energy is doing a good turn for your friends and their wallets.

You highlight the great customer service Octopus Energy is known for, along with their clear pricing with no sneaky charges. Octopus Energy also offers innovative features like their Octopus Tracker that lets you see live energy use and forecasts in your home. And as a bonus, any friends who use your Octopus Referral code get £50 off their energy bills too. So, you’re able to share the referral reward.

Earning credits 

With rising energy costs impacting households, joining Octopus Energy through a referral code offers a win-win. You help friends access cheaper green energy deals while also earning credit that reduces your energy bills with every successful referral. Sharing your unique referral code is an easy way to encourage others to make the switch to Octopus Energy and support renewable energy in the process. If you’re an Octopus Energy customer, be sure to take advantage of their generous referral program this year. With a little effort to share your referral link, you start accumulating credit and achieve greener, cheaper energy bills for you and your friends.