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Enhance Your Pet’s Life with Custom Pet Products

You’ve certainly heard of or seen raised bowls before, but are you familiar with its advantages for you and your dog? Food and water bowls that are elevated off the ground are ideal for canines of a certain height or age. Your dog won’t have to bend over quite as much to reach the food or water in these elevated bowls.

There is a wide range of sizes and styles available for elevated feeders and custom dog bowls. Some raised feeders have only one dish, while others have two, while yet others are constructed of wood, and still others are designed with tiny creatures in mind. You can pick a design that suits your taste since there are so many to choose from. Learn more about the advantages of using elevated dog bowls and its creative retail display ideas and how they may help you and your pet.

The Proper Posture

While they eat, larger dogs often lay down. If their dish is placed on the floor, they may more easily get the food by lying down. Help them improve their posture as they eat by placing their bowls at the optimal height.

Ease Pressure

There are a few ways in which bowls left on the floor might cause stress. The first is when animals look up from their activities, such as eating or drinking. They do that to make it easier to swallow. The pressure on their neck while making this action will be minimized if the bowl is elevated.

Dogs’ necks, hips, shoulders, and joints may all feel the pressure from low bowls. Dogs with joint pain, spinal issues, or age-related diseases benefit from elevated food and water bowls.

You may also get the benefits of elevated bowls. You may avoid bending over as much to feed your dog if you raise his or her bowl. Reduce the risk of injury to your back this way.

Minimize Clutter and Mess

Dogs who prefer to “swim” or make a lot of noise when drinking water may benefit from an elevated feeder. Putting bowls up high reduces the likelihood that your dog will be tempted to make a mess.

Have you ever poured food into your dog’s dish only to have him drag it halfway across the room? Your dog will no longer have to waste energy chasing after his food thanks to the elevated feeder. Bowls on stands are also easier to clean. Common dog bowls are designed to sit on the floor, where they quickly become covered in fur and crumbs. The resulting dust can contaminate their drinking water and nourishment. Using raised dishes keeps dog food and water off the floor and eliminates messes.

When a dog eats on the floor, it does it with its head down. Since they can’t see who could be coming up behind them, they become possessive and territorial while they’re standing over the bowl. Aggression against anybody who comes near their food bowl is one symptom of this condition. If the bowl is raised, they will have better peripheral vision and be more at ease.


Dogs who need a higher eating or drinking surface can benefit greatly from elevated custom dog bowls. They assist with stress relief, make the dining area more sanitary, and even mitigate aggressive tendencies.