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Different Causes Of Wrist Painses Of Wrist Pain

Like other terrific chronic pains, due to wrist pain, people suffer a lot. In the primary movements of hands, the wrist plays a vital role. During writing to texting, wrist pain affects common daily activities. So the impact of chronic wrist pain interrupts the quality of lifestyle.

Doctors in KDMS hospital explain different causes of wrist pain. Due to old injuries, the wrist muscle strain can cause severe wrist pain. The following points represent the common causes and symptoms of chronic wrist pain:

The increasing ligament thickness creates extreme pressure on nerves in this severe condition. The feeling of intense pressure leads to weakness and numbness in hand. And gradually, it makes extreme pain in the wrist. This type of severe syndrome leads to nerve swelling and inflammation in tendons. In this condition, tingling palms creates numbness during repetitive work and lifting any equipment. 

So, carpal tunnel syndrome creates extreme hand vibration and causes chronic wrist pain.

  • Osteoarthritis

In the minor phases of this condition, patients feel little pain. But in the 2nd phase of Osteoarthritis, patients have mild numbness in bones. Then gradually, the complications start.

A high level of joint inflammation causes cartilage disorders between the structures of bones. This type of severe inflammation leads to Osteoarthritis. In the initial stage of Osteoarthritis, patients have to suffer joint stiffness. The development of this type of symptom affects wrist joints making movement impossible.

In the progressive stage of Osteoarthritis, tissue inflammation and cartilage damage create extreme pain in the edges of joints. Exercise therapies and anti-inflammatory medications work best to cure the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

  • De Quervain’s Disease

In this condition, the whole connectivity of the wrist, thumb and hand become affected. The extreme level of tendon swelling affects the entire movement of the thumb. Doctors in KDMS hospital prefer to use steroid injections to reduce swelling and pain. Stopping the regular wrist activities can relieve the patients from de Quervain’s disease.

In the progressive condition of de Quervain’s disease, if the non-surgical options do not work, doctors opt for surgical options. Doctors opt for an incision to release the thickened segment of a tendon. This kind of contemporary treatment scopes the tendons to move freely without any burden.


All the information shows why patients suffer from chronic wrist pain. And following these symptoms, they should take the doctor’s recommendation in KDMS hospital to get the best solution.

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