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Brief About Different Slot Screens

The Precise Punched Slot Screen is made up of a perforated base pipe, a stainless steel filtering jacket with punched slots, and a backup ring. The foundation pipe is made of API casing or API tubing with several drilled holes. The high-density array’s spatial slot is generated using digital control accurate punching, and the filtering jacket with the punched slot is made of high-quality stainless steel. 

Finally, the backup ring is used to weld the filter jacket onto the perforated base pipe with the punched slot. Formation sand cannot easily pass through the filter jacket in operation, however formation fluid can easily pass through the region between the punched slots in the screen. As a result, sand control has been achieved. If necessary, an additional exterior protective shroud can be added outside the filter jacket to improve its protection.


With perfect control:

The slot width ranges from 0.30, 1.00mm, 0.05mm width precision. As a result, it can match the formation sand of various particle sizes and precisely meet the sand control requirements under the well.

With excellent corrosion resistance:

The stainless steel filter jacket’s alkali, acid, and salt resistance with punched slit is excellent. It is extremely adaptable to H2S and CO2, and it prevents the distance between slots from expanding due to corrosion over time.

Perfect integral strength and resistance to deformation:

The inside component of the filter jacket is supported by the base pipe, and the outside protective shroud can be positioned outside the filtration jacket if necessary. The integral strength of base pipe with drilled holes is only 23% lower than that of ordinary casing or tubing. As a result, it has enough integral strength to withstand stratum compression deformation. Even if there is local deformation, the distance between the compressed parts will not widen. It has proven to be extremely beneficial at sand control.


Because of the unique bridge style construction, sand and gravel cannot readily block the slot, and Bridge Slot Screens have a high mechanical strength and water entry capacity. Meanwhile, Water Well Screens are made with steel punching technology and rolled in a variety of ways, making them light, inexpensive, and simple to operate. Because we punch with CNC, the slot can be changed to meet your needs. We can provide any diameter Bridge Slot Screens and Water Well Screens to our customers for their convenience. Galvanized Well Screens are also available to extend the operational life.


Wedge wire screens are commonly found in mining, oil, sand, seawater separation, and filtration. In the separation of seawater, a wedge wire slot screen separator is utilized.

The wedge wire slot screen separator’s parameters are as follows:

  • The screen’s construction details are as follows: The red highlights what we utilize in this size.
  • The profile of the surface material is shown in 28SS.
  • The dimensions and shape of the support profiles are shown in Q35.
  • The distance between the support profiles is 21mm.


For a water well, a pipe well slot screen is employed.

Stainless steel and carbon steel are used.


  • The slotted liner is a reliable and cost-effective option for long completions or low-productivity wells.
  • To produce the appropriate open area, we offer straight and keystone slot types in a variety of slotting patterns.