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Bad Habits That Damage Your Teeth 

You may brush your teeth twice a day, floss before bed, and use a mouthwash to wash away the bacteria. However, you may still be harming your teeth unintentionally because of some of your lifestyle habits. Most people are unaware of these lifestyle habits and continue them, and end up with poor dental health later in life. 

You probably know that eating hard candies and snacking on sugary items can seriously harm your teeth by inviting cavity-causing germs. However, there are some other habits that are not obvious but harm your teeth. These include nail-biting, smoking, opening bottles, etc. Visit a dental care in Leduc, AB today. 

Some bad habits that may affect your teeth. 

  • Biting your nails. 

Nail biting is a common nervous habit that can damage not only your fingernails but also your dental health. Usually, people bite their nails when they are nervous or bored, but they are unaware of the damage it might cause. It exposes them to bacteria beneath their fingernails and causes damage and shortening of teeth. 

Nail biting can outwear the enamel, and doing it for too long can also result in jaw dysfunction. Strategies like applying nail paint and meditation can curb the habit of nail biting. 

  • Smoking. 

Smoking causes great injury to your oral health apart from damaging your heart and lungs. There is a greater chance of dental issues in smokers as compared to non-smokers. It increases the chances of gum disease, tooth discoloration, decay, oral cancer, etc. 

The best you can do to protect your oral and overall health is to quit smoking or talk to your dentist about the problem. 

  • Sucking your thumb. 

Kids who still suck their thumbs or fingers after the age of five are more likely to harm their teeth alignment and jaw structure. This misalignment can later cause severe dental health problems, which would be painful and complex to cure. Train your child to quit the habit or consult a pediatric dentist, as they can help wean children off thumb sucking. 

  •  Grinding your teeth. 

Teeth grinding is a common problem in all age group people. Unfortunately, people do not even realize they are grinding their teeth until they are told about it. It can result in bad headaches and painful jaw muscles. 

There are other symptoms of teeth grinding as well. They include sensitive teeth, chipped teeth, damaged enamel, and sore gums. It also damages your tongue by causing indents to them. You can try stress-reducing exercises or talk to your dentist about a mouthguard to get rid of the problem. 

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