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Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs? What Else Do They Need?

German Shepherds make great family dogs, but you must train them and take them for daily walks. You will need to teach your children to respect your pet, and they must be able to give your dog time alone. German Shepherd puppies imported from Germany are a muscular breed that needs daily exercise, socialization, and training.

German Shepherds are a Good Family of Dog

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and highly trainable, which makes them great family pets. These dogs need lots of exercises, especially as young pups. However, they can be standoffish when meeting new people. Consequently, it is essential to start training German Shepherd puppies as early as possible. A supervised free play area and controlled leash walks are essential for their development.

German Shepherds have worked in many different professions. Their work has included leading the blind, hunting criminals, sniffing out illegal substances, visiting the sick, herding livestock, and even serving as military dogs. They were also an essential part of the German army during World War I, where they served as herding dogs and sentries.

German Shepherds are highly protective dogs and need to be supervised around children. They will easily learn to play nicely with kids but need plenty of exposure and training to become well-behaved around them. They also have a habit of licking children’s faces, so supervise them when they’re around.

They Need Daily Exercise

German Shepherds need daily exercise to stay healthy and active. They’re naturally curious and have high levels of energy. If they don’t get enough exercise, they can become overweight, leading to health and behavioral issues. Moreover, they’ll get bored and not be as happy as they could be. Daily walks are an excellent way to get your dog moving.

German Shepherds should get at least two hours of daily exercise. This includes off-leash playtime, walks, and extra training. You can find some exercises on the Internet that suit your dog’s needs. Ideally, mixing up the exercises to keep your dog healthy would be best.

The German Shepherd breed is an excellent choice for people who want an active dog. They can be great for long walks and exploring the outdoors. However, they may require assistance from a dog walker, especially if they have thick coats. A German shepherd may not be right for you if you’re allergic to dog hair or want to avoid extra grooming.

They Need Socialization

German Shepherds are wonderful family pets but need extra preparation and socialization before thriving in your home. It is important to set ground rules for your family before the dog comes home and begin a training program immediately. It would be best to supervise your children while they play with the dog and always watch out for any signs of illness or agitation.

German Shepherds are loyal and people-pleasing dogs, which makes them good companions for children. However, it is essential to remember that children can’t trust dogs without proper socialization. Even if you’ve had German Shepherds in the past, you should still socialize them to ensure they are safe around kids. It is best to train German Shepherds to be gentle around children before bringing them home.

As with most dogs, German Shepherds need socialization to be sociable and get along well with other dogs. It is best to first socialize German Shepherd puppies with other dogs in a small group. It is also best to introduce new puppies slowly so as to keep them manageable.

They Need Training

If you want your German Shepherd to be a good family dog, you must train it properly. German shepherds need a consistent training regimen to avoid confusion. Training sessions should be only five to ten minutes long. The session should be interrupted when your dog becomes bored or shows other signs of frustration. Try using rewards and treats during training sessions to keep your Shepherd’s attention.

When training your German Shepherd, include the entire family in the training session. Make sure everyone understands that training is a family activity and should be done with patience and consistency. It would be best to teach your children that dogs must be treated respectfully. This means no tugging on the dog’s tail or riding them like a horse.

German Shepherds can be an excellent addition to the family if you have young children. It is best to start socialization and training at an early age. If you can properly train the dog, it will make a great family dog. However, there are better options than a German Shepherd if you are looking for a small dog.

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