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3 Best Casual Shoes Up till Now

You must have heard this phrase that shoes make the man. This is said because shoes are the most important thing in everyone’s wardrobe, and if you wear the dirty and unkempt pair, it will destroy all the look for your outfit, whether you wear branded clothes or others. You can wear any simple outfit, a simple jean and a t-shirt, if your shoes are looking good, if they are well taken, then you’ll look good. Similarly, shoe plays a vital role in one’s personality and can tell a lot about a man by the way he keeps his shoes. Now you must be thinking about what type of shoes you should wear in casuals, right? No problem.

Many casual shapes are super trendy and look amazing on the wearer. Thus, this blog has compiled various types of casual shoes that you can wear. Among those, whatever styles make you feel good and comfortable, you can go for it.

1- Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc

Redwing heritage classic moc pair is made with full-grain leather with the crepe sole. Its shaft measures approximately 5.5 from the arch, while the boot opening measures approximately 6 around. The best part about this casual pair is, it never goes out of fashion. Its time style and its rugged durability make this boot people’s top choice. Also, its full grain leather has a water-resistant feature on the upper side that is laced with seven-eyelet. On the front, there is the logo of the brand. When it comes to comfort, this shoe has never compromised on it, by providing a healthy, happy foot environment. Due to being made completely with leather, its footbed molds your foot to ensure a stable fit over time. Its flexible crepe outs are designed in a way that instantly minimizes the shock and vibration with support and traction. Luckily, you can get more shoes like this at much-discounted rates by applying Foot Locker coupon code.

2- Thursday Boots Cavalier

Thursday boots cavalier is made with pure leather material.  This pair is super stylish but what you may think before considering this shoe is, it is not very stuffy like the other pairs in the market. The cavalier brand presents the polished perfect look to compliments any dress or to impress any suit, whether it is a casual, business, or is your favorite pair of jeans. The best part about this boot is it provide a finished look that gets even better with the age. Due to made with genuine leather, it is carefully crafted with hand-picked materials so that it can provide the extra confidence to the wearer. As the name suggest, the Thursday signature craftsmanship is a superior man’s boot that is designed to be worn on the weekdays or on the weekends.  Further, it has flexible elastic, cork-bed and going that offers your feet an added comfort.

3- Chaco Men’s Banded Z Cloud

Chaco men’s banded z cloud sandals are so comfortable that you might think that you are walking on a cloud. This eco-friendly option is best to be worn in the warmer months. This sandal is made with 100% polyester. It has rubber sole with the heel that measure approximately 1.5 inches. Its upper Polyester jacquard webbing wraps around the foot and through the midsole for a customized fit. Further, it is very durable with high-tensile webbing heel risers. The best part is it has Injection-molded ladder lock buckle so that you can fit your sandals the way you want.