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Deals on Workyte’s pricing provide the finest value.

Business clients looking for order fulfillment services can sign up with Workyte, Rakuten Super Logistics, Fulfillify, and Shipmonk at pricing that make it an appealing prospect. But in the end, the range of savings they provide is diverse and extensive.

We chose Workyte as the provider with the best pricing after discovering these disparities during the order fulfillment process.

The evaluation

Examining what distinguishes Workyte from Rakuten Super Logistics, Fulfillify, and Shipmonk is helpful.

Workyte’s AI program determines whether it is optimal to pay per unit or pay for a particular period of time by computing the cost of doing business with the company. The technology also calculates the most affordable shipping costs and assesses whether a business will profit from additional benefits.

To find out the charges they would incur with Rakuten, business owners must submit a “request for quote” ticket. Prices at Rakuten are determined by monthly order volume, which must be at least 250 orders.

Storage expenses

Long-term storage is free at Workyte.

Rakuten and Fulfillify, on the other hand, impose fees. Pallets of merchandise housed in a warehouse at Fulfillify are subject to a $12.50 per pallet product storage fee. You must submit a request for a quote in order to get the price for Rakuten. Storage expenses at Shipmonk are determined by size, quantity, and turnover rate. Products kept in a tiny bin cost $1 per month; goods kept on a pallet cost $20 per month.

Shipment charges

Workyte provides adaptable plans that may be tailored to meet the requirements of each business client. The business offers customers affordable delivery options as well.

In order to find out how much it will cost to ship an item, Rakuten requests quotations from customers. In order to choose the cheapest delivery route, it uses complex analytics. One benefit is that customers save $2.36 on shipping for each item.

Pick-up and delivery charges

All sizes of enterprises are supported by Shipmonk. For maintaining accounts on its platform and for the help it offers, the business, however, charges a fee. Additionally, the monthly minimum pick-and-pack price is $250. Shipmonk adds $.15 to $2 for packaging materials to those prices.

On monthly volumes, Fulfillify bases its pick-and-pack rates. For instance, the average number of goods per order is $.50, while the average monthly order value is $1.99.

Free benefits

  • Clients receive a lot of goodies from Workyte. They consist of:
  • zero-cost setup and onboarding
  • Free permanent storage
  • Pay-per-use services
  • Totally free syncing with your shopping cart
  • Free returns administration
  • No-cost basic packaging
  • offers for larger orders

Workyte provides a pay-as-you-go plan but has no sign-up fees for international shipment. Discounts for large orders, a free tool for finding prices, free returns administration, and free standard packaging are all available.

Additionally, Shipmonk has a few freebies. Receiving inventory is free as long as the company client complies with certain requirements. If there are fewer than five picking units in a carton, it costs $2.50 a carton. Receiving charges do not apply to goods that are delivered on pallets, but there is a charge if the cargo needs to be removed from the delivery vehicle and put on pallets. The price depends depend on the size.


We chose Workyte as the top pricing choice in our comparison study because of its flexible and customizable plans, in addition to its large list of benefits.